Friday, July 23, 2010

Week three ends

The last two days of our class saw the battle rage intensly. The allied line was stretched almost to the breaking point, even being penetrated at a couple of points. But the polyglot force somehow managed to hold the line. To the right are the British guards. (click on photos to enlarge.

The were some amazing rolls. This wasn't staged! Nic tossed the dice and one of them stood on end.

For two days the French tried to force the
Nassauers out of the Bossau wood, but these soldiers held on stubbornly until the very end of the game.

Here men from Bachleu's division attempt to break through. This division was almost completely used up in the attempt

French cavalry had a field day on the Allied left flank. The entire 3rd division was destroyed by a skillful use of combined arms. The Dutch/Belgian cavalry was no match for the Emperor's horsemen.

This is a shot after a cuirassier regiment caught a Brunswick battery in the flank, but then was caught in the flank by a counter-charge from the Duke's uhlans.

There was lots of action right up until the end of the game. Both sides claimed victory, but it was determined by yours truly that the allies had met their victory conditions by holding on to the crossroads until the end of the game. It had been an extremely costly victory, however. In hindsight, the French could have used their artillery better to soften up the weaker allies.

In the end, however, everyone agreed that it had been a great week and that a good time was had by all. Thanks, gentlemen, for another terrific week!

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