Monday, July 19, 2010

Napoleonic week begins

Our Napoleonic week is off to a good start. After giving the 14 participants some historical background on the battle of Quatre Bras and an overview of the rules, we were ready to begin. The shot to the left (just click on the pictures to enlarge them) is of the French players surveying their units in preparation of an attack.

This is a shot of the Allied left where the 3rd Division was positioned. A brigade of Hanoverians is holding down the town. In today's action the unit is skirmish formation in front of the town was caught by a regiment of French lancers. At the expense of one casualty the lancers destroyed all 32 men in the battalion!

In the center of the table the French began a slow but steady advance on their Dutch/Belgian counterparts. The allied guns had an abundance of targets and inflicted several casualties. As the skirmish lines closed in on each other the French got the upper hand in this fighting.

The highlight of the day, however, was when the Dutch guns took a shot at a French battery and rolled double sixes. A section of guns was destroyed. Even more alarming was the fact that General de Division Foy's horse was paniced by the exploding caissons and bolted toward the enemy lines where the humiliated general was captured!
The action is sure to pick up tomorrow as the French close with their objectives and try to push them back at the point of their bayonettes.

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