Friday, July 9, 2010

End of Week One

Well, week one of my miniatures class is in the books. It was a terrific group of kids! It appeared that they all had a good time right up to the end. Here are several shots of the second game we played.

This time around there was no question that the Americans were the clear winners. By the end, the British had given up the town and lost control of the bridges that led to their retreat. The battle turned on some unbelievably poor luck on the British side.
The turning point came when the Americans launched an attack. A British regiment protecting the flank of the brigade had to take a moral check and rolled snake-eyes! This left the entire brigade's flank open and resulted in the destruction of the entire defense. And then, just for good measure, on the second to last turn a British general rolled snake-eyes not once, but twice, followed by a three. This saw his entire brigade flee from the table and left no doubt as to who the victors were.

Some discussion between turns.

The American commanders. Well done, lads!

The stoic British generals. I wish adults could show as good sportsmanship as these young men did. They never took the game too seriously which allowed all of us to enjoy it all the more.Thanks for a great week, guys. I hope you'll take my class again next year.

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