Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day two, week two

In today's action the situation turned dramatically. Though their line was thin, the Confederates delivered a major whooping on the Yanks. By the end of the day, Meade's division was all but wrecked. Two Union brigadiers were shot out of their saddles and Northern spirits were sagging. Despite some significant reinforcements, the men in blue were not able to gain the upper hand.

The battle will conclude tomorrow, and there is still some fight left in th U.S. forces. Doubleday's entire division has been laying back letting its artillery pound away at the Confederate line. Also, rebel reserves have been siphoned off to other points in the line, so the left flank is pretty much on its own. There is still a chance, though slim, that the Yankees can pull it off. And that's why we play the game.

To the left, Hood's men behind a stone wall find the range and deliver some withering volleys to the Pennsylvania Reserves.

This shot shows just how bloody the fighting was for the Union this day.

Despite the pounding, these Union generals were still in good spirits!

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