Monday, July 26, 2010

Week Four of VIP

The final week of Camp VIP is under way. This week we are featuring the Seven Years War, powdered whigs and rigid lines of well-trained soldiers in colorful uniforms. This week's format is a bit different. The class of 12 has been divided into four teams of three. They will all play against each other over the course of the week. A win will be worth three points, a draw is worth one and a loss, of course, will be zero points. I am curious to see how this works out, but we are off to a good starts.

The team to the left has the potent Prussian army. It is the smallest contingent, but the best trained.

Here are Russian commanders who are having to take on the Prussians in the first round.

On the second table the Austrians, commanded by these handsome young lads, are taking on the French.

These are the French commanders.

In this shot, the French are making their opening moves.

Here, you can see the first volleys being fired in the Prussia vs. Russia game.

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