Thursday, July 7, 2011

American Victory!

On day three of American Revolution week the Continental forces picked up where they left off and won a smashing victory against the British.  Before we were five minutes into the day, a grenadier battalion and a guards battalion failed morale checks and ran from the field.  The American militia continued its stellar defense of a fence line.  The final stroke was administered on the American left where a charge by two units caught a British brigade in the flank and destroyed it.

American units can be seen rushing down the road to reinforce their pressed comrades.

Casualty stands mark where a battalion of grenadiers once stood, but they are no more.
We started a second battle, and this time it looks as though the British might get some revenge.  But we'll only know for sure tomorrow.

In our second game, both sides moved quickly to grab positions.

A major battle was brewing in the church yard which was a major objective for both sides.  The British Guards arrived there first, which will cause the Americans a lot of problems.

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