Monday, July 25, 2011

Week four, day one

The final week of Camp VIP is off and running.  Due to a clerical error we only had eleven students today, but a twelfth from the waiting list should be joining us tomorrow.

The three teams of three and one of two listened patiently as we went over the rules.  This group is the least experienced of any I have had, but they appeared to be getting the hang of things by the time the day came to a conclusion.  It appeared that the Prussians were gaining an advantage over the French on one table, and on the other, some extremely good first rolls by the Bavarian brigage blew some major holes in the Russian grenadiers, giving them the edge.  The inexperienced Russian players deployed their powerful artillery too far away to do much good on this first day.  They will probably correct that problem tomorrow.

Below are some photos of today's gaming.  To enlarge them, just click on the image.

The Bavarians deploy to receive an attack from Russian grenadiers.

A huge cavalry battle on the Austrian right flank.

The Austrian center

Both the French and the Prussians were eager to capture and hold this dense wood.  The French arrived first, thus giving them the advantage.

Both tables in action.  At the front of the photo, a French brigade was able to change to an "assault" order and attack the wood.  To their right a small brigade of dragoons was wiped out by superior Prussian numbers.  To their left, a fellow brigade holding a small farm is under intense pressure from a determined Prussian force.

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