Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Three, Week Two

The day began with a lull in the action as both sides dressed their lines and licked their wounds.  But after the brief respite things picked up where they left off.  Reinforcements have arrived on both sides, yet at the end of the day the Army on Northern Virginia was in danger of being cut in half.  The Sunken Road position has been ruptured, although a second line of defense is being organized along the Hagerstown Pike.

On the northern table, things were a bit more sedate.  A huge conflict is brewing on the western flank with both sides hesitant to throw the first blow.  But something will have to give tomorrow.

Heartbreak at the stone wall.

Beginning of day three at the Sunken Road.

Action on the northern table.

A lot of action taking place in the cornfield.

Anderson's divion of Longstreet's Corp arrives to threaten the Union flank.

Some heavy thinking going on.

The Sunken Road at the end of day three.  D.H. Hill's brigades have been wrecked by a charge on their flank.


  1. The Bloody Lane has certainly earned its name today. DH Hill himself died in the fighting to hold the position.

  2. ha ha i killed him. this game is the best!! i even ordered some civil war unpainted figures 2 try 2 paint them!! -Will

  3. where do u get the stands or do they come like that?- Will
    p.s please tell me tomarrow thx