Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week Three, Day Three

We bagan a new battle today having learned a few things from the previous one.  This time around the action got started much more quickly, but there were still a number of units that didn't get into enough "trouble" to suit their commanders.  We'll wrap this one up tomorrow and then have one last go on Friday.

The Indians have suffered the most in this scenario.  The meles have seen them get hurt particularly badly.  The fort, the main objective of the scenario, is still in British hands, but the garrison is feeling the heat and has lost its only artillery.

Here are some shots from today.  Just click on the picture to enlarge it:

The fort before the game started

French and Indians lurking in the woods.

The 28th Foot on its way to relieve the fort.

Colonial militia deployed to defend the bridge.

Students pointing out their troops

The fort at the end of the day.  Vicious fights took place amidst the field works.

Many a brave warrior perished in the middle of the table.

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  1. This game looks really neat, wish I could be there to play through it!