Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp VIP Week Two

Week Two of Camp VIP got off to a great start today.  Several guys from last week joined a few newbies for this week to fight battles from the American Civil War.  Here are the two opposing teams:
The Rebel cause is in the hands of these fine young gentlemen
These handsome fellows hope to keep the Union in tact
The battle today was the opening of the Battle of Antietam.  We broke the battle into two parts, on two separate tables to make it easier to get at the figures.  Two Union corps were set to attack Stonewall Jackson's corp, but many other units are in the wings waiting for their chance to enter into the fray.
The Sunken Road prior to the battle beginning

Doubleday's Division ready for action

The Union commanders on the southern end of the field

The Sunken Road under attack

A Confederate charge through the cornfield took out a Union battery, but the Lousianans lost 75% of their number and were removed from play

This Union brigade learned the hard way that being hit in the flank by artillery can cause a lot of problems

The game is off to a great start.  The Confederates on the northern flank have been very aggressive.  In the southern portion they have been content to sit behind their stone walls and keep up a lively fire on the enemy.


  1. I am Will u r awesome and the Union are the best ever we will win by a lot and we havve lots of troops- Will

  2. Things should get pretty hectic tomorrow around the sunken road!

  3. The best camp ever! Union will hopefully gain the advantage on both tables. Would also love to go to the middle school and fight a battle after summer camps if you can arrange and I'll bring some friends who are also interested. Would like to talk to you about being an aide next year-our email is B.

  4. The best camp ever! I agree. The confederate already has the advantage on one table and under my command with assistance of my rookie generals i will take control of mine! I too am interested in the middle school battle. -Michael Beeli

  5. excellent, nice to see some younger guys getting in on minis

    way to go in promoting the hobby man! thumbs up to you sir.

  6. most awesome camp ever unions forces have split and will be picked off.

  7. most awesome camp ever union forces will be picked off and have split. Michael Schnuckel