Friday, July 15, 2011

End of week two

The Battle of Antietam ended today, and it literally came down to the last roll on the last turn to determine the winners.  On the southern table, the Union was finally able to tear a hole in the Southern line, but at great cost.  On the northern table, the Yanks threw all they had at the exhausted butternuts and somehow the rebs held.  The final charge saw three fresh Union regiments in march column crash into the last available Confederate unit on the table.  Unbelievably, the dice were tossed and the men in gray won by just one pip, but it was enough to hold the line and win the game in that sector.

The kids were absolutely fantastic this week.  I am especially grateful to John and Brian who have been helping me out.  You guys have been terrific.

Next week I'll be trying out a new period, the French and Indian War.  This is more of a skirmish game with figures mounted individually in units of 12 to 15 men representing companies.  The first adventure will feature a custom made fort and several farmsteads that will need to be defended against a host of French and Indians.  Somewhere along the line a wagon train will enter the game trying to get supplies to the fort.  I think it should be a fun game.

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