Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Two, Week Two

On the southern table, the Sunken Road saw intense fighting.
The three hours this morning went by very quickly as the battle really picked up on both tables.  On the north end, the Confederates continued to be very aggressive, hurling charge after charge at the Yankees.  But by the end of the day, the gray tide was beginning to recede.

On the southern table, two entire Union brigades were completely used up trying to take the Sunken Road.  Stubborn rebel resistance was slowly erroded, though, under the constant fire of the men in blue.  Confederate reinforcements were stalled upon their entry by a timely flank charge as they entered the table.  Things are looking very grim for the heroic defenders of States rights.

This is the northern table.  At the top of the picture can be seen the destruction that has taken place in the cornfield, just as it did in September of 1862.


  1. Yeah, at the end of the day the Union had advanced some units into the sunken road. They still have a full, fresh division to exploit the advance, with the Irish Brigade in the lead. And the cornfield is once again a bloody mess, but this time the Confederates are the ones charging through the stalks...

  2. Good fighting on both sides of the table and now that I know I have more men coming I think I will be able to take the hill and gain victory.- Jordan B