Monday, July 18, 2011

Week Three, Day One

This week we began a week of fighting during the French and Indian War.  I am using a new set of rules, so today was devoted to getting used to them.  It is more of a skirmish game, meaning the scale is much smaller, fought at the company level.  There are A LOT of dice, which means chance plays a bigger part.

Today's scenario was fictional.  It centers around a pastoral valley in the western fringes of the colonies.  The French and Indians have set out to destroy as many farms as possible as well as take the fort.  A wagon train has also come into play, trying to get much needed supplies to the garrison of the fort.

Though we are just learning the rules, there was quite a bit of action at one end of the table.  Below are some  pictures capturing some of the action.

These are the French and Indian players

These young men are commanding the British and Americans

Most of today's action centered around this small village.  American militia garrisoned the buildings.  A few turns later the advanced guard of the wagon train, three companies of the 28th foot, entered and a flurry of volleys ensued.  It appears that the French and Indians are getting the best of it here.

This is the fort at the opposite end of the table.  I made it out of match sticks and am pretty pleased with the end result.

The Virginia State Militia and the first company of the 42nd Highlanders have left the safe confines of the fort to seek out any marauding bands of Indians that have been unleashed on the farmsteads.

This is one of the French and Indian raiding parties itching to cause some havock.
The young lads were terrific today, bearing with me as we worked through the different tables to come to the correct results.  Things should run smoother tomorrow.


  1. This is my favorite camp of all time and I wish to continue doing it as an aide next year since I might be too old after 8th grade. I think the battle is very open to changes and tomorrow there will be a lot more action.-Jordan B.

  2. This camp is awesome and tomorrow the battle could go either way, but i hope it sways to the French..-Michael Beeli