Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Four, Week Two

Both sides continued to slug away at each other.  A Confederate counter-attack from the southern end of the line destroyed what was left of the Union left flank, only to see dust clouds swirling in the distance stirred up by fresh units in blue.

On the northern end, the Confederates have continued to be aggressive, but are now confronted with a huge gap in their lines.  A single brigade of reninforcements have arrived, but even greater numbers keep turning up to support the Yankee effort here.

So it will all come down to the final day.  Will the rebs be able to hold out until sunset and at least gain a tactical draw, or will the yanks burst through and destroy Lee's legions?  We'll know tomorrow.

Casualties litter the field after the Confederate counter-attack

The rebs try to organize a second line along the Haggerstown Turnpike

The huge gap in the rebel line

Looking north towards the cornfield

Union regulars try to take the stone wall a second time with no better results

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