Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week four, day two

We wrapped up the first of three battles today.  Both ended in draws, though the casualty lists wouldn't indicate that.  On the first table, the French were able to turn to the offensive on the last turn of the game and caught a Prussian battery completely unaware.  A stubborn French battalion held a small farm on the left flank against fierce attacks from the Prussians.  The Prussians came close to breaking through in the middle, but a cavalry unit faltered when it was opportunity charged by some French hussars, and that stemmed the tide.

On table two, yet another draw resulted.  The Austrians/Bavarians seemed to have the advantage at the beginning of the day, but a Russian cuirassier regiment rolled a double six in a mele and literally destroyed their Austrian opponent.  The Russians also concentrated their forces on the Austrian middle and caused a lot of damage there, though barely making up for the horrendous losses they suffered on their attack on the Bavarian brigage on their right flank.

At the end of the game, the French still held the dense wood

The farm on the French left flank held as well.

These Bavarians battered the Russian grenadiers

This is the beginning of the second game.  Notice how tidy the table is.

Game two on the other table.  Again, things start out looking pretty orderly

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