Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battle of Brooklyn Heights

The British players.

The Americans
The first week of Camp VIP is off and running.  We have started with a recreation of the Battle of Brooklyn Heights.  Day one saw the two sides get into their respective positions.  The Americans had the heights, but were aware that the Brits had the ability to land troops almost anywhere during the course of the battle.  Apart from a couple of American militia units turning tail, both sides held their own.

Today, day two, the players arrived to see that new units were entering the fight.  Much to the alarm of Washington's men, two brigades were entering the table smack into the rear of their line.  It didn't look good.
But when matters come down to how the dice are falling things can take some strange turns.  There is no question that day two belonged to the Americans.  Most surprising of all was the performance of the lowly American militia against some Hessian grenadiers.  Beyond that, a Guards battalion was routed as was one of British grenadiers.  The Yankees left for the day with their chests full of pride for their successes.  The British took courage in knowing that tomorrow will be a new day, and there are still units that have yet to arrive.

Here are a few shots of the action.  To enlarge, just click on the picture.
The situation as the beginning of day two.  This is taken from behind the American lines.

Looking down the table from the American side.

Some Virginians take a fierce toll on the British light infantry and the Guards.


  1. as one of the americans, i can safely say that we kicked british butt on day 2, so much fun!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Zander; we Brits lost pretty badly but we'll be back! Hazzah!
    -Dain Johnson, aka Major General James Grant

  3. We brits r pwn u wont win and we will crush you like flies on the left

    -Will K 1st Light Infantry

  4. Renforcements on the left flank plz -Will
    p.s. Mr. Winser is awesome and I will do this lots more times if I can

  5. Mr. Winser can the brits. have reenforcements on the left flanks plz

  6. This is the best class ever and Mr. winser is the best teacher!-Jordan Beeli

  7. My Hessians GRENADIERS were beaten by militia,MILITIA! well this game does have a lot of chance involved so i guess i can't complain. This is my favorite summer camp and i hope that you can continue to do it.-Michael Beeli

  8. Those are some very nice pictures and I really like the ones of the battlefield. I believe at the moment, the Americans are holding their own.
    Plus the Hessains just got killed by milita, TOTALLY AWESOME!
    -Michael Gini-

  9. Day 2 was great! I'm glad that my fellow Americans did well, but I think that there will still be some difficult battles tomorrow. And never count the Brits out, they're tough fighters. Many overconfident generals find this out the hard way. "There is no beating these British soldiers. They were completely beaten and the day was mine, but they did not know it and would not run." - Marshal Nicolas Soult