Monday, July 4, 2011

Camp VIP begins tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first week of Camp VIP.  I have twelve young wargamers signed up, plus two terrific assistants.  We will begin with an American Revolution game in honor of July 4th.  It will be based on the Battle of Brooklyn where George Washington's Continental Army took on the Howe brothers and their British and Hessian soldiers.  It should be an interesting game.  The Americans will place down cards indicating the deployment of their brigades followed by the British.  There will be some "dummy" cards just to make things interesting.

Historically, the war could have ended here if the British had been more aggressive.  The Americans were decisively beaten and driven from the heights and their backs were against a river.  But a well times storm and some stellar leadership by Washington say the Continentals escape into the night, literally under the noses of the Howes.  The American cause would live on to fight another day.

I'll have reports each day, hopefully including pictures of the action.  Stay tuned.

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