Friday, July 8, 2011

Week One Completed

The first week of camp VIP is over.  The final battle ended in a British victory, though in the last two turns the Americans were able to capture General Howe who was trying to rally a British regiment and a swift counter-attack in the middle saw the Americans take the church that was a major objective.  Other than that, though, the Yanks were pretty much trounced along the rest of the line.

Win or lose, however, the kids were terrific and everyone had a great time.  Next week will see us moving on to the Civil War.  The tables are set up and the armies are in place for what should be a fierce fight along a tranquil stream known as Antietam.

Here are two more shots of today's action.

This is on the American right.  The redcoats were able to sieze the objective and then fight off every effort to retake it.

This is just before the British and Hessians launch a devestating flank attack on the American middle.  It was a  painful lesson for two of our newer students.


  1. Yeah, the American were doing well at the end of the battle. However, I think that the Brits would have easily retaken the church. None-the-less, the Americans did make a pretty heroic charge to take it; a battered regiment beating the guards and some of the elite light infantry!