Saturday, January 22, 2022

Romans vs. Gauls Turn Three

 I played the third, and what ended up the final, turn of my Hail Caesar game today. The dice gods most certainly abandoned the men of Gaul. On their left, one warband was able to destroy a stand of Samnite medium infantry. However, the second unit of fanatics charged a Roman cavalry regiment, even attaching its commander to bring the total number of dice being thrown to 14. Not a single hit was inflicted. To make matters worse, they failed their moral check AND their leader was killed (rolled double sixes and then a six.)

In the center, there was mixed results. When the dust settled, though, the Gallic attack had certainly run out of steam and the Roman line was standing firm. 

On the right, the General's bodyguard drove off a unit of cavalry and shattered a stand of hastati. The rest of the command, however, didn't activate, so the brave band was surrounded on the Roman's turn and shaken. At this point, the tribal leaders decided it was wiser to pull back what was left of the army and fight another day.

A rare success for the Gauls, but it was too little too late.

This warband's victory was short-lived as the rest of Legio II converges on it.

The allied legion turns to meet the threat of a warband regrouping in the woods.

The general's guard proved unstoppable, but the lack of support from the rest of the division brought about its doom.

A defeat warband fleeing the field.

The raw Legio IV advances on the Gallic flank.
Gallic cavalry maneuvers to face the threat.

A unit of hastati from the fourth legion is shaken and doesn't join the advance.

Chariots. Very cool.

Warriors charging forward.

The Roman line stands firm.
I learned a lot from this game. I am getting more familiar with the rules. For next time, I will only have two large warbands and break the others into smaller groups. I am confident this will give the Gauls a better chance.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Romans vs. Gauls Turn Two

 In turn two, the Gauls continued to hurl themselves at the Roman line, while lingering conflicts from turn one continued to play out. Overall, the Gauls came out on the short end.

On the Roman left, the inexperienced IV legion was able to drive of the cavalry division that attacked them. All four units were broken, having only been able to leave two hastati groups shaken. Poor command rolls left the next two Gallic divisions hanging back awaiting developments. The two experienced legions also rolled poorly and remained in place. III legion fought courageously against the hordes of bare-chested warriors. A hastati unit was driven back shaken, but not before inflicting serious damage on its counterpart.

On the far right, the Italian allies did remarkably well, defeating a band of fanatic tribesmen and then maneuvering into position for a series of flank charges in the next turn.

The broken Gallic cavalry division fleeing the table.

An unexpected victory for the raw recruits of Legio IV.

Both sides were hesitant to advance in this sector.

The two most experienced legions did little but harass the enemy with their velites.

The second Gallic cavalry division failed to activate.

In the center, the fighting was brutal with neither side giving any ground.

Perhaps the most surprising event of the turn was the Italian allies defeating a fanatic warband (they rolled a "3" on their break test!) and then maneuvering into position for a flank attack in turn 3.
The Italian legion sits in reserve.
This group of fanatic warriors are in a very dangerous position at the onset of turn three.

All in all, it was a very good turn for the Romans.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Romans vs. Celts Hail Caesar

 Well, if you have the figures you just have to have a game with them. I put my Celts on the table to face off with my new Roman legions. I am still trying to learn the Hail Caesar rules, so this is great practice. 

I thought turn one would be rather uneventful, but it turned out to be very active. The Celts had the first initiative and rolled well on their command rolls. All but one of their divisions advanced two or more moves towards the Romans. This sparked some close range firing.

On the Roman turn, the legions sent forth their velites to try to drive in the Celtic skirmishers. They also launched a couple of charges with their heavier infantry with mixed results. The pictures below will tell the story.

On the Roman right, their Samnite allies chose not to wait to be assailed by the large warbands and took the battle to them. Two Samnite unites fought to a draw with these naked warriors.

In the center, velites were able to break a small unit of Celtic skirmishers.

On the Roman center/left, a cavalry unit rolled "12", followed by a roll of "6," meaning they had to charge straight ahead into a large Celtic warband. Rolling 8 dice, they were only able to inflict 2 wounds on the group. They, however, sustained 5 casualties and were driven back in disorder.

On the extreme Roman left, the Celtic cavalry had three moves to get right up to the inexperienced Roman legion on this flank. Their short-range fire didn't accomplish much. The Romans chose to use their turn to charge all along the line. One unit of hastati was driven back, while the other supported unit was able to fight to a draw. The velites worked their way around to the flanks to pester the rest of the division.

Another shot of the action in the center.

A close-up of the Samnites charge on the right.

The Roman cavalry trying to regroup.

 A shot from behind the Roman left.

I needed to check a couple of things in the rules, especially regarding special traits of certain units. Otherwise, I think I am getting the hand of things. I am looking forward to continuing tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Enlarged Roman Army for Hail Caesar

 I picked up a batch of Victrix ancients online and amongst them was a bag of armored and unarmored Republican Romans. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to fold them into my existing army, but in reviewing an army list that I had filed away I noticed that each legion had two units of hastati and principes and just one of triarii. My four legions just had one of each, so I decided to add a hastati and a principes to each legion. I finished the project today. The only addition I plan to make is to get a bag of Republican cavalry. The 16 figures will allow me to add a cavalry unit to each legion. Here is the army as it looks now.

This is the whole army, comprising of Roman legions and an allied legion

The allied legion, with Samnite light infantry in the fore.

The IV legion, rated levy

III legion

II legion

I legion, rated veteran

Below are shots of each unit from behind. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

First Project of 2022

 Just before Christmas I picked up several packages of Victrix ancients; Republican Romans, Athenians, Spartans and Carthaginians. The purpose to add a third rank to my bases so units in phalanx would deeper than regular units. I also wanted to avoid rebasing them all!

I am quite pleased with how this has turned out. I have finished all of the Greek phalanxes. Now on to the Carthaginians. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas!

 I wanted to wish everyone a Christmas filled with faith, hope, love, and peace. For many of us, our love of toy soldiers began on this day in our childhood. Let us not forget, though, that the greatest gift is the birth of the Savior we celebrate.