Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer class filled!

The director of the summer camp I teach at just let me know that all three sections filled up almost immediately. Apparently the class has developed quite a following. Unfortunately, some of the kids from previous years won't be able to attend unless I allow more students per class, but that diminishes the experience for everyone, so I am extremely hesitant to consider that. However, it's encouraging to know that there are a lot of potential wargamers out there!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gemioncourt continued

The battle has continued on, with the French proving to be very successful in their efforts. A British brigade entered the fray on the allied left, which initially seemed that it would dramatically turn the tide. However, a brigade of French lancers also arrived at the same time and more than checked this advantage. In the shot below (click on the image to enlarge) the lancers have crushed a square and are now poised to destroy a battery of foot artillery. To the French left of the above action, a combination of infantry and cannister has driven off the Orange Nassau battalion with heavy losses, uncovering the other flank of the British brigade. Still another column of French infantry has successfully stormed the Gemioncourt farm complex, driving off the Dutch militia that occupied it.
And finally, after sustaining heavy losses, the French were able to drive off a Dutch foot battery, uncovering a line of Belgian infantry. A battery of French heavy guns has made short work of them. Unless additional forces arrive soon, the situation will be irretrievable for the allies.