Sunday, October 26, 2014

Antietam Cornfield Battle

A friend came by this afternoon for a few hours of wargaming.  I had set up for the battle for the cornfield at Antietam.  My friend, John, took the Confederates and I commanded the Union.  We each had our hands full with six or more brigades apiece.  We managed to get through three turns and had a pretty good time in the process.  In the end, the Union attack had been beaten back with some significant losses.  But the rebel line had been roughed up quite a bit and reserves had been drawn into the fray, leaving Lee's legions vulnerable on the left flank where Doubleday's division would be arriving soon.

The highlight of the battle came at the end when Taliafero sent in a full strength crack regiment to mop up the remains of the 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves, down to two stands and in extended line.  The Union miraculously won this encounter by a single pip of the dice, but it was enough to make the Confederate general shake his head in disbelief.

The Yankees poised to attack

At the end of the game, a Union brigade prepared to brave the hail of lead.

The carnage in the area just south of the cornfield was considerable.

Grigsby's soldiers were successful in driving in the Union line along the Hagerstown Pike.  In the center of the picture, the remarkable 3rd Pa Reserves can be seen still holding despite severe losses.

From behind Lawton's line. In the fierce fighting here the southern cause lost a brigadier and a divisional commander.