Wednesday, October 20, 2021

General de Brigade Game

 I was able to get together with a friend today for a game of General de Brigade. I pitted my new Front Rank Spanish up against a French force determined to take a strategic town.

The Spanish cavalry would prove to be incredibly ineffective, evaporating after two turns!

The Spanish artillery did considerably better.

The Spanish commander observes from the safety of the town.

Spanish light infantry on the allied left flank.

French artillery prepared to bombard the Spanish line.

A French brigade on the right has been ordered to attack the weak Spanish left.

The French cavalry would prove to be the difference in the game. They quickly dispatched the Spanish dragoons and then forced the infantry into square.

The Spanish right. These battalions fought remarkably well until the French cavalry came thundering down on their flank.

We played for about three hours and got in about 10 turns. The forces were rather small, so the game moved along at a good pace.

In the end, the French superiority in cavalry proved to be too much for the allies.

French legere battalions drive in the Spanish skirmishers.

The Irish regiment, down over 25%, is all that is left of the Spanish brigade on this flank at the end of the game.

This highland regiment, that came on as reinforcements, basically stood alone at game's end.

French hussars charged and shattered the last remaining line battalion on the Spanish right, clearing the way into the down via the backdoor.

French dragoons move up in support of the victorious hussars.

With the French cavalry forcing the allied infantry into squares, the French artillery had multiple targets.

The French crush the allied left flank.

French reinforcements, made up of the Garde de Paris and two Swiss battalions, arrived but were not needed.

Overwhelming strength.

Batteries firing cannister into the hapless squares.

The French, due mainly to their superiority in cavalry, were clearly the winners of the battle. However, the Spanish could take pride in the fact that their inferior infantry was able to thump a brigade of French, inflicting close to 33% casualties on them before they were flanked by the cavalry.

A very entertaining game, with two double sixes; always a lot of  fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sharp Practice Regiment For Sale

 I have an entire British regiment for Sharp Practice for sale plus some extras.

There are 91 infantry figures, enough to make up six line groups, two light groups, a group of grenadiers, and two groups of rifles. There are also all the officers you will need to lead them.

I also have 12 cavalry figures in the package: 5 French dragoons, 5 British light dragoons and 2 French chasseurs a cheval.

Of course, these can be based for other game rules as well since they are individual figures.

I am asking $350 for the entire collection plus $16 for shipping in the U.S.


light companies

command group

three line groups

two more line groups

cavalry figures

additional officers