Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Doings During the Lockdown

Well, I consider myself fortunate to have a very enjoyable hobby I can turn to in times like these. After attending church via the internet, I spent some time out on my deck soaking up some much needed sunshine and basing these new additions to my ancients collection. I also took some time to do an inventory on my 28mm Napoleonic collection while it was all still out on the table.

French     Infantry 1,114   Cavalry  200  Artillery 19 and 76 artillerists 2 wagons 2 limbers

British     Infantry  786     Cavalry  163  Artillery 15 and 60 artillerists 1 wagon 4 limbers

That is over 2,400 figures in total. Now I know. And I am working on 150 more now. It never ends.

Here are some pictures of the new ancients.

Victrix Naked Gauls and Little Big Man Studios shield transfers

Based for Impetus

Victrix Spartans 48 based for Impetus

Victrix Balearic slingers 12 based for Impetus

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

28mm Napoleonic Collection Update The French and allies

As promised, here are shots of the French and allies in my collection.
dismounted dragoons 2X12

two dragoon regiments at 18 each

The Middle Guard 2 X 30

Medical Wagon

Old Guard 12lb battery

Old Guard Grenadiers 2 X 30

Old Guard Chasseurs a Pied 2 X 30

Overview of the line infantry and artillery

One of two regiments of cuirassiers

Two of two regiments of cuirassiers

One regiment of carbiniers

Two battalions of line infantry

Supply wagon

Limber and gun

two battalions of light infantry each of 30

two more battalions of light infantry each of 30

Two line battalions each of 30

Italian line battalion

Swiss line Battalion

A second Swiss battalion

Two Baden battalions each of 24

Confederation of the Rhine battalion

A second limber and gun

Two more Confederation of the Rhine Battalions (Nassau in the rear)

Two battalions of Vistula Legion

Two Westphalian battalions each of 30

French Hussars

One of two chasseur a cheval regiments of 24

Two of two chasseur a cheval regiments of 24

Another Confederation of the Rhine battalions of 30

Last Confederation of the Rhine battalions at 30

French lancer regiment of 24

Italian Light Infantry of 30

Two French line battalions of 30 each

Two more French line battalions of 30 each

A view of the entire collection in all of their glory!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

28mm Napoleonic Collection Update The British and allies

When you live by yourself and you are on lockdown, there are only so many cupboards to reorganize and rooms to sanitize. There were online lesson plans to prepare, but I just didn't have the courage to face that yet. What better way to spend a couple of hours than to take out all of my 28mm Napoleonics and do a photo session? It had been a couple of years, so this update is overdue. I would say that the collection has grown by at least 33 percent since I last got them all out on the table. Here is what I have.

Five Portuguese line battalions, 24 figures each

Portuguese battery and light infantry

British dragoons (metal figures)

British supply wagon

British limbers (Victrix plastic caissons, Perry metal horses and riders

British Guards brigade 2 units of 40 each

Spanish contingent. Four battalions plus guerillas

Spanish artillery (Victrix French in bicornes)

British light cavalry, two regiments of hussars and three of light dragoons

Another shot of the Spanish

A RFA battery
British line battalion

Another line battalion

RHA battery

Heavy dragoons in bicorn

Another heavy dragoon regiment

Household cavalry

Line battalion

RFA battery #2

Highlanders 3 regiments

Two battalions of KGL

another foot battalion

Highlanders from the front

I have a video on Youtube