Thursday, August 19, 2021

Final Turns of the Battle for Santa Rosarita

 I finally got around to finishing my Sharp Practice solo battle for the village of Santa Rosarita. Lots of hand to hand combats in these final turns. Great fun.

Turn 13-

The two main French columns charge forth. The right hand column came up short, but the larger column of three groups was able to come to grips with the Portuguese grenadiers.

The grenadiers were forced back, losing half their number.

The French light infantry groups used flags to withdraw out of musket range. The battle was over for them.

Turn 14-

Sergeant Harper's riflemen were unloaded when the second French column hit them. Five of the six were killed and Harper was knocked out. A group of French grenadiers was also able to advance in support.

The French charged the Portuguese grenadiers again, and again drove them back. The rear group of the column broke off to protect the flank. This proved to be quite timely.

The empty slots on the movement tray give testimony to the damage done to the grenadiers.

Turn 15-

A lone rifleman is all that is left of the left flank holding the village. Harper did not regain consciousness.

To the rear of the town the firefight continued with the French gaining a slight advantage. However, both sides were quite spent at this point.

Turn 16-

The French right column has no opposition as it maneuvers over the low wall and into the village.

The British line infantry is bottled up with little room to maneuver.

A group of Portuguese line has more shock than men and must fall back, losing yet another morale point.

Final turn-

The right column continues to advance unopposed.
The British lose yet another round of fisticuffs and more morale points.

A group of voltigeres is driven back, but it is too little too late.

I decided to end the game at this point, as the outcome was no longer in doubt.

It was a very fun encounter. Fisticuffs have been rare in my previous battles. Not so this time.

Flames of War Figures For Sale

 I have some Flames of War infantry stands that need a new home.

Americans- 19 bases with 4 figures, 3 bazooka teams of 2, 4 command teams of 3, 2 mortar stands of 2, one howitzer stand, 1 sniper stand of two

Germans- 6 bases with  4 figures, 4 mortar stands with 3 figures,  4 command stands with 3 figures

148 figures plus a gun stand.

All reasonable offers considered.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Perry ACW Plastics For Sale

 I have painted up two separate armies of Perry plastic figures. These would be a great starter set for Sharp Practice or any other skirmish level game.  They are painted to a high standard and individually based.

They are offered at $210 per army plus $12 shipping within the United States. I will sell both armies for $400 plus $20 shipping.

Union force

Confederate force

Union cavalry

Union artillery

Union infantry and officers

Confederate cavalry

Confederate artillery

Confederate infantry