Friday, January 25, 2013

Wargaming club up and running

I took the plunge last week to see what interest their might be in getting a wargaming club up and running at my school.  Though not nearly as great as last year's interest, there is a terrific group of kids that want to have a go at gaming with miniatures.  Interestingly, all of the new faces were females.  So next Friday, February 1, we'll have our first game after school.  I am hoping for at least six kids for a French and Indian war skirmish game.  It is a fairly simple game that moves pretty quickly.  I'll post a report afterwards.

Hail Caesar Game

I received a copy of the Hail Caesar rules for a Christmas present and have enjoyed going through them.  The mechanics are pretty easy to grasp and quite simple.  I have run through a couple of solo games to familiarize myself with the rules and I think I am getting the hang of it.  The command rules add a high degree of uncertainty every turn.  You have to roll dice to see what a unit will do.  This uncertainty is a lot of fun when playing solo.

My latest attempt is a scenario where a Roman force has been given the task of invading deeper into Britain.  Of course, the Brits are not going to take this sitting down.  So the battle began.  The various divisions needed to activate in order to get into action.  The Romans turned out to be more successful at this than the Brits.  But the few British units that did go forward were quite aggressive.  I was able to get through a few turns this afternoon.  Here are some photos of what took place.
This is the Roman camp to the east of the river.

This is the Roman left flank on the west of the river

The British chariot division is the most aggressive, but is unsuccessful in piercing the Roman line.

To the north of the river, the British are rather slow in getting off their attack on the Roman camp.