Friday, September 24, 2021

Victrix Gauls for Sale

 I have a nice collection of Victrix Gauls for sale. There are 50 infantry and two chariots. The shields have Little Big Man Studios transfers. This is a great force for any skirmish rules set such as Infamy, Infamy. $350.00 plus $15 for postage within the US.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Victrix Gallic Chariots and more

 Picked up a great deal for some Victrix Ancient Gauls: 1 bag each of naked warriors, armored warriors and cavalry, and 2 bags of chariots plus three sheets of LBM transfers. I will use the cavalry and half the chariot,1/3 of the naked warriors and about 1/4 of the armored warriors for my personal collection. The rest I will paint up and sell on line. I have been having a lot of success doing that, so all of my purchases have more than paid for themselves. I love this hobby! Here is what I will be keeping. I still have a base of armored warriors to paint up, about nine figures.

Three groups of cavalry

The chariots

The very naked warriors. 


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Cavalry for Sharp Practice

The internet is a dangerous place. People can plant all kinds of volatile ideas there, never knowing the damage they are doing. In my case, it was posts about cavalry in Sharp Practice and how one group was just not enough; two were absolutely necessary to have any reasonable impact on the game. Doh!

So, here is the end result, including horse holders. My cavalry forces are now doubled. On a side note, the Perry French Dragoon box is the best value out there. 13 cavalry, 8 dismounted and 6 casualty figures plus a few other odds and ends. Very cool! 

French dismounted

French mounted

British mounted

British dismounted
I am hoping a friend can get together soon to see how they do.

Perry Vignette Pieces

 I picked up and painted a couple of nice pieces from the Perry Brothers. These are pricy, but nice additions when one has more figures than possibly needed.

This is the French donkey cart with wounded.

This is the British field forge

There is lots of detail on these, and they were easy to paint. I am quite pleased.

Figures for sale

 I have the following for sale:

24 Perry zouaves, 18 union infantry, 17 confederate infantry $225 plus $9.00 shipping to U.S.

3 regiment of Front Rank Napoleonic British, each of 12 center company, 8 command, 8 elite company

Flags are hand-painted

$125 per regiment plus $9.00 shipping to U.S., or all three for $350 plus $9.00 shipping to the U.S.