Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picton's battle ends

Picton's battle came to a clearcut conclusion today.  The French were overwhelming winners.  However, this should not be a surprise as the British were vastly outnumbered in infantry and had no cavalry to offset a brigade of French lancers.  None the less, it was a decisive victory.
On the last turn of the game, French skirmishers pulled off an upset when they pushed back the vaunted 95th Rifles on the right flank.

On the left, a battalion in line routed the last British battery.  This would leave the supporting infantry on that side of the field very vulnerable.

It was in the center, though, that the truly fatal blow was struck.  French lancers routed a Hanoverian battalion, which in turn forced a brigade moral check.  The result was that the entire Hanoverian force was forced off the table and the allied center was completely destroyed.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Picton's battle

French Lancers destroy the British center

Three French battalions aren't up to the task of pushing out the 42nd Highlanders from the chateau.

One British regiment is not able to hold off three times its number on a hill on the left flank.

With a long weekend I put together another Napoleonic battle.  Picton's divison of three brigades is trying to hold off portions of two French infantry divisions and a brigade of lancers.  After six turns things don't look good for old Picton.  His center has been shattered and his left has been driven back by superior numbers.  Only on his right are his men holding their own.

Happy Easter

 A happy Easter to one and all.  I had a wonderful time with my church family today celebrating the most important even in human history.  He is risen!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

HMGS PSW convention 2011

casualties mount in the center

fire fight rages

huge cavalry battle on the flank
This past Saturday I took two of my camp VIP students to the HMGS Pacific Southwest spring convention in Glendale.  We put on a SYW game pitting three Prussian brigades against three Austrian brigades.  It was a very close battle, but in the end the Austrians were able to hold on to all of their objectives, so they were declared the winners.