Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have been making progress on my Bavarian division.  So far I have completed four batteries and five battalions.  I have four battalions and two cavalry regiments, plus the general officers to go.
An overview of the completed figures

A battalion and a battery

The light battalion

Sunday, September 1, 2013

General de Brigade Game Report

This battle was fictional, but based on the orders of battle from Quatre Bras.  General Picton's renowned 5th division was charged with holding a town and wood against the French division of General Bachelu and a supporting brigade of lancers.  Here's what happened:
On turn one Bachelu launches his attack with both infantry brigades

The skirmish line of the 2nd Ligne engages the skirmishers of the 42nd Highlanders and rolls a double six.  The men in kilts melt away through the forest.  It's a good start for the French!

Also on turn one, the French 8lb battery inflicts a casualty on Braun's Hanoverian battery

On turn three the 42nd Highlanders, garrisoning the chateau, get off a devastating volley (double sixes), stunning the 3/2 Ligne and slightly wounding General Soye.

Wathier's lancer brigade activates its order to  attack the hill, also on turn three.

On turn four, the 2nd Ligne storms the chateau.

The French lancers set out on turn five to attack the British center.

The 61st Ligne, supported by the 1/2nd Legere, attack.  The 1/2nd is faltered by enemy fire, the 2/61st doesn't pass its formation test roll for the massed attack, but the 1/61st forges ahead and in the ensuing mele drives back the British regiment.  Picton's left in in trouble.

However, on the allied right, the 2nd Ligne fails in its attempt to take the chateau.

Picton's Hanoverian brigade moves up to support the center.

On turn six, the French lancers tear into the British center.  Braun's battery is routed and the Highland regiment supporting it is destroyed.  Fortunately for Picton, the lancers are blown and must return to their own lines to regroup.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Ligne has continued its piecemeal attacks on the chateau, but without success.

Also on turn six, after shaking back into order, the French attack the stubborn 95th Rifles, driving them back on their supporting infantry.

On turn seven, Campi's brigade activates its order to attack, thereby following up on the lancers' success in the middle.

A battalion of highlanders is driven back.  The allied situation is looking grim.

On turn nine everything went the French's way.  Here, the lancers have ridden down a battalion of Hanoverians that had foolishly failed to form into square.

The telling blow comes when a British battery is captured by the French.  Bachelu had won an impressive victory.
 Below are some additional pictures from the battle.