Thursday, August 27, 2009

GdB battle report

This fictional battle pitted the Prince of Orange, commanding a division of Dutch/Belgians, against Marshal Ney, overseeing two infantry divisions and a light cavalry division. The Prince is expecting a British Division to reinforce him, but is unsure of when it will arrive. Ney's mission is to drive off the Dutch/Belgians and hold on to the road junction until the rest of the French army can come up in support.

The Marshal was very aggressive and ordered all three of his divisions to assault. The dense columns advanced toward the enemy in a grand display. However, in the very first turn, the Dutch foot battery rolled a double six when firing at a French battery, destroying a secion and faltering it. But elsewhere, the French moved resolutely on toward their objectives.
The Dutch Jagers put up a stiff fight on the Allied right flank, driving off the French skirmishers ordered to drive them out. But in the next turn, two columns of French legere took on the task. But the Jagers gave up ground only grudginly.
On the French left flank, the commander decided to try to soften up the Nassau battalion holding the farm with artillyer before sending in his infantry. This would also allow the cavarlry to get rid of the Belgian dragoons to his division's right flank. He did, however, send in two battalions to clear the wood of skirmishers on his left.
The picture below shows the French lancers just prior to their charge against the Belgian dragoons. Remarkably, the dragoons withstood the first assault and were only pushed back, but with very heavy loss. The following turn this brave regiment was all but destroyed. That lancers' losses were light.
On turn three, the French attacked with vigor, and the Dutch/Belgians responded with elan. The picture below shows the heavy casualties sustained by the3/1st legere as it is slammed with cannister and musketry. It passed its moral test, but was in desperate need of support.
On turn four, the two battalions of the 93rd ligne charged the 2nd Nassau battalion. The Nassauers were able to falter both battalions with a stinging volley. To the Nassauers' left, a Dutch horse battery was routed by two battalions of the 4th legere. On the French left, a Belgian line regiment was driven back into the village by an attack of the 2/1st legere. The Prince is nervously looking over his shoulder, but sees no evidence of help being on its way.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

General de Brigade

I finished my miniatures class toward the end of July and then began a class to add a certificate to my teaching credential. That limited my wargaming activities somewhat. But the class has ended and I still have a couple of weeks of summer left, so I dusted off my Napoleonic collection for a small battle.

The practice with Die Kriesgkunst made this easier than previous games. The scenario had a French divison, supported by a brigade of dragoons, attacking an Anglo-Hanoverian division trying to defend a town. The Hanoverian regulars were on the allied left and the British troops were on the right. Four batallions of Hanoverian landwehr were in a second line as a reserve.

The French attacked right away. The first action was between the two skirmish screens. The French definitely got the better of their adversaries. Following the skirmishers came the blue-clad columns. They were successful in each instance, driving back the allied line. On the extreme left, the dragoons forced an English regiment into square which was subsequently blasted by a battery of horse artillery.

After about six turns it was apparent that the French had been successful in driving off the Anglo-Hanoverian division. The French columns, with their plus two bonus for being in column was just enough of a benefit to win three out of four meles. I was again surprised to see how ineffective the artillery was unless it was firing canister. And then it was devestating, knocking out at least four or five figures at a time!

I have a much better feel for the rules, and so I was able to move at a more rapid pace, which made the game much more enjoyable.

This week I want to finish painting up about 250 ACW figures to either sell or use to replace older figures in my collection. It's nice to have a little time before school starts up again.