Saturday, May 11, 2019

GdB Battle Report

Our battle went off without a hitch this morning. Our gathering was really all that a wargame should be; friendly competition played out amidst conversations about history and current events. This is why we game!

I am still learning how to set up games featuring 28mm figures. I love the visual aspect, but the logistics are quite confining on a 6 foot by 4 foot table. Be that as it may, the scenario played out fairly well and could have gone either way.  In the contest post mortem, it was agreed that the turning point of the battle was a cavalry charge that the British won by three points. This set in motion a series of events that resulted in the entire right French flank literally melting away. Brigade morale tests can be game changers in these rules.

Here are some pictures and a brief narrative.

The high school seniors start things off.

The seasoned veterans await.

The first of the cavalry charges.

The French attack the Guards brigade.

A French column tries to capture the farm. This attempt failed along with a second one. The third time, however, proved to be successful.

The action from behind the Allied left flank.

This hill was quite strategic. A French horse battery has worked its way
through the woods in an effort to get around the flank. This proved to be

French reinforcements arrive.

The British line is unbreakable.

The French failed two brigade morale checks. This accounts for all the
wide open space on this side of the table.

The Coldstream Guards try to retake the farmstead.

The British cavalry has driven off the French.

An overview of the table at game's end.

Neither side was able to gain control of the road junction.
I declared this a British victory. The lads, however, were not willing to yield to this decision. They pointed out that the road junction was still very much up for grabs, and that many units on both sides had yet to fire a shot. You have to love young people.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Game Set Up For GdB Game May 11, 2019

It has been far tool long since my last post, but I am back in the saddle with a game coming up in a week. It is pretty much set up using my 28mm collection. Here is how it looks.

An Anglo-Spanish force of four brigades are tasked with holding an important road junction. Their four brigades will have a stiff challenge in carrying out their mission against the numerically superior French. The Francs, on the other hand, must drive the allied brigades off the table in order to secure a victory. They will start with three brigades and three batteries to begin with, and will have a fourth brigade come on later in the game.

This is the British left, held by a brigade of light cavalry.

The British right, held by a brigade of Guards and a brigade of KGL, all supported by a medium battery and a full regiment of rifles.

The French left.

The French right..
British guard battalion holding an orchard

French infantry in column ready to attack

Italian infantry and artillery

Another shot of the Italians

Two Spanish battalions in reserve.

Spanish infantry and artillery

The vital road junction.