Saturday, March 18, 2017

Victrix French as Italians

The last installment of this batch of figures was two battalions of Italians. I painted them as two different regiments for the sake of creating so variety. I like the combinations of reds and greens over the white uniforms.

I have also rebased my command figures on round bases to make them stand out better. I'll post some pictures of them soon.

Victrix offers free shipping every now and then. I took advantage of this latest offering to order four more boxes. I am going to paint up a French line battery, a British foot battery, a battalion of British Foot Guards, and the 5th regiment of the Confederation of the Rhine.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Victrix Models

My latest project has been to add some infantry and artillery. I am 3/4 finished with my endeavor, having finished two battalions of Spanish infantry, two battalions of French Old Guard Chasseurs and then a battery of four guns of Old Guard 12 pounders. I also added a third gun to my Spanish battery.
Here is how they turned out.

Spanish battery, Irish battalion, Barcelona battalion

Old Guard 12 pound battery
Old Guard Chasseurs

Both battalions

Today I will begin working on two battalions of Italians. I did the hard part last night, which was assembling the 60 figures. I got them primed this morning and will be able to start painting them later today.