Wednesday, March 3, 2021

FIW Battle

 I have waited a long time to get my entire French and Indian War collection on the table. The units are based for Sharp Practice with lots of officer figures to lead the various groups. The large fort is the centerpiece, and I am very pleased with it. I particularly like the blockhouse above the gate. The roof comes off and soldiers can be placed inside. The same is true for the corner blockhouses. The Indian village across the river is also quite nice.

In this fictional scenario a large French and Indian force is trying to capture the fort while at the same time trying to delay the relief column coming down the main road. Rather than using chips, I have cards made up for each big man (officer). The turns are lengthy, but the unknown of who gets to go when is a lot of fun. In this case, unlike a regular Sharp Practice game, I have already placed all the units on the table, so things will get off to a fast start.


  1. Superb figures and terrain. Well done! This is a joy to view. Thanks for posting a link on TMP.

  2. Very nice. And good to see the Bluemoon fort all painted up - and the village structures. I have 60 castings of native villagers on the painting table now with some European descent civilians next in line. Your village building painting swill in inspire my painting of the same buildings.

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