Friday, November 20, 2020

The Battle of Miller's Crossing Sharp Practice ACW

 I have finished up a good number of Perry plastic figures to use for Sharp Practice. This is their first taste of battle.

The Union side has 10 groups of eight infantry, five of zouaves and five of regulars. There are two groups of skirmishers, one of regulars and one of Berdan's. Finally, there is a medium gun.

The rebs have a similar composition, except instead of 10 groups of eight, they have nine, and three groups of skirmishers instead of two.

The game is very straight forward: both sides are trying to control a river crossing at Miller's farm. The Union deployment point was a bit closer which gives them the initial advantage.
This is the bridge both sides are seeking to control.

The view from the Union primary deployment point.

The first turn saw the Union get all but one of its formations on the table.
The primary Union deployment point is crowded with troops.

The secondary point is also filling up.

Five groups of rebel infantry enter on turn one,

 A unit of skirmishers and a formation of infantry enter at the secondary point.

A close-up of Miller's Crossing.

Turn two saw both sides continue to advance. The Confederates used four flags to get a double move for its leading formation. The two units on the Union right both rolled well for movement and are within musket range of the bridge.
The men in gray and butternut move rapidly down the road.

A formation of two groups on the left flank advance as well.

These Union elements are now within musketry range of the bridge.

Three groups of zouaves are almost at the bridge!

Turn three saw a unique situation occur. A red flag was drawn (Confederate), then the Tiffin. This was a break for the rebel side as it allowed its lead unit basically a free move towards the objective.
The only two tokens drawn.

The race for the bridge tightens!
Turn four: Both sides continue to advance, and more units enter the table. The Union gets its last formation of infantry and the rebs' artillery piece arrives. It is another quick appearance of the Tiffin token, but this time the flags favor the Yankees and they get even closer to seizing the bridge.
The rebel supports catch up, but no forward progress is made towards the bridge.

The zouaves have reached the objective. Can they get to the other side and deploy into line before the Johnies can and unleash a volley into the dense column?

The Berdan Sharpshooters move up in support on the right flank.

More Yankees move down the road.

Turn five is more than likely to be critical. Who will be able to deploy into line and blast away? Will the three remaining units of rebels finally arrive? Will it be in time to make a difference?

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